our story

We are Matt and Allison Davis, we are a husband and wife team! We started Noble Nectar Apiaries back in 2016. However we got our first colony in 2015, kind of by accident really! Both Matt and Allison worked for a local theatre company building and painting sets. The shop they worked out of ended up with a colony of bees in the wall, in which maintenance was going to exterminate! This led Matt to do research and convincing to let him get them out alive! Well it was a success and we haven't looked back!


While Matt was doing most of the removals on his own in the beginning, Allison joined full time in 2018, assisting with removals and continuing education for children, and the social media! Noble Nectar Apiaries is dedicated to saving bees, and educating others about the importance of bees! We also only use all natural products in the care of our bees! If it's not safe for us we don't use it on our bees!!! We are so very grateful to everyone that supports not only us but our mission! We also thank everyone for joining us on this journey! What a whirlwind it has all been! We love what we do and will continue sharing along the way! Thanks to all!!!